Thursday, March 03, 2005


Meet One Special Man

Bill Thomson has cancer and it's no secret. He is not a "survivor" although he has had it for years. It's getting better. He is a protagonist in the true sense. He is the main character in a drama only it is his drama.

Bill has not bought into the poison-cut-burn battle that engulfs most people with cancer. He decided to accept the challenge that cancer presented to him. In addition to working with various alternative therapies, Bill is introspectively reviewing his lifestyle.
Also, he is using the experience for spiritual growth.

The best part for us is that he is writing a book about his experiences. You can read the Introduction on his blog:

Here is a quote from an email I received from him:

Thanks for your comments, Frank, and directing me to the letter you wrote on your website. I had read this before but hadn't seen it recently. It's excellent and emphasizes a theme of my book: self-responsibility. I know that many people, especially when talking about cancer, are reluctant to consider self-responsibility. They fear that it will be taken as a judgment, and they'll be accused of blaming the person with the cancer. But I strongly believe that cancer is a map back to the source of God within us. If we follow the guideposts and listen to what our heart is telling us, we'll return home again. This is what I am discovering (and yes, it is a process, not an event), and whether I live another 50 years, or one year, I will have either come home again, or be headed in that direction. And however we slice this cake, heading home is good.

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