Monday, February 14, 2005


Overcoming the System

In thinking about how to get attention to energy therapy as a valid complementary treatment, I marvel at the complete control that the medical "system" has on treatments that are used on those seeking help for pain, illness or disease.

For instance, doctors have no interest in incorporating energy therapy into their practices. It seems there is little choice in what a doctor is allowed to do because of limitations imposed by the medical associations, liability insurers. One would think that despite this, the medical insurance companies might be interested in anything that could reduce the costs of medical care. However, such is not the case. This is a puzzle to me. It all seems to be one big self-serving system supported by employers that pay health insurance premiums and consumers.

Overcoming all this is also a puzzle. It may happen, however, if costs continue to rise causing the bubble to burst. In the meantime we do what we can to educate the public. The internet is one way to do this and may contribute to the bursting of the bubble.

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