Thursday, February 17, 2005


The Hands

Energy Therapies

What a gift! Our own hands are the vessels of healing. When we touch ourselves or another, something magical happens.
The energy of the universe is available to us. By the Grace of God it is administered and conveyed through our own hands.

Why do we ignore such wonder? In fact, we don't; we use it intuitively when we put our hand on our forehead when we are stressed or when we touch a child's "owie". Yet we could do so much more if we focused our intent on the power of touch.
To help ourselves and our famiilies, we can administer a loving touch using only a little basic knowledge.

After learning and practicing several touch healing techniques, I have come to the conclusion that the power is not so much in the technique as it is in the loving intent with which it is administered. The hands convey the energy despite or knowing or lack of it.
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