Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Why the fuss about energy therapy?

Energy Therapies
Did you ever wonder how people survived over the ages without modern medicine and prescription drugs?

The answer is that we have within our being the ability to heal. If we were not able to restore the body, mind and spirit to its proper balance, mankind would have disappeared eons ago.

For obvious reasons, leadership of our politiical, business and relighious structures do not want us to know that we can heal ourselves through the use of energy therapy.

Through self application or with the aid of another person, we have the natural ability to restore balance to our body, mind and spirit. This knowledge is desperately needed in our world and many are beginning to sense that there is another way.

It is for this purpose that ths site has been created - to diseminate information about various types of energy therapy, and to offer such services.

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